It's All Wood!

Otwaze has branched off into the world of wood - we now offer handcrafted wooden items ranging from spoons, spatulas, cutting boards, and sculptures to any custom creations that you can conceive of. Our founder and wood enthusiast, Otway Denny, carves and crafts all of these wooden creations by hand out of the finest domestic and exotic hardwoods. 

If you're interested in custom wooden creations, shoot us an email or dm (IG: @otwaze), and we'll get right on it. 

Cube Earth, Wood, metal, ink - 2019 - $250

Stack of bricks - wood, metal, ink - 2019 - $125

Groovy - wood - 2019 - $80

Nailed it - wood, ink, railroad spike - 2019 - $110

Potholes - laser etched wood, reclaimed wooden frame - 2019 - $40

Termites - laser etched wood, reclaimed wooden frame - 2019 - $40

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